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Commercial Auto Insurance

Minnesota commercial auto insurance. Who needs commercial vehicle insurance and what it covers.

Commercial auto insurance in Minnesota covers both your drivers and your business vehicles. And you need to know where to find “commercial vehicle insurance near me” when you are getting ready to order it for your company. Then, you can speak with your agent about the specific needs of your business and get the coverage that will protect your livelihood and bottom line.

commercial auto insurance in Minnesota

MN commercial car insurance

Minnesota commercial car insurance is necessary because other types of business insurances, i.e. those for property and general liability, won’t cover the use of commercial vehicles. Neither does regular auto insurance that people get for their personal vehicles. Therefore, knowing where to find commercial vehicle insurance near me, is a question Minnesota business owners ask daily. This question can be answered easily by a local agent, who can also help you to choose the best commercial auto insurance Minnesota company owners can trust.

Without such coverage, the company could be faced with paying thousands or even millions of dollars in the case of an accident involving one of its drivers or vehicles for medical care, property damage, or even loss of life. These are just a few of the common hazards that could be faced by a commercial vehicle owner in Minnesota.

Common hazards faced by Commercial Vehicle Owner in Minnesota

Risks faced by Minnesota business owners differ depending on the type of company. Otherwise, one thing is the same – the need for commercial car insurance Minnesota business owners can rely on. As a business owner, you could be faced with concerns about liability if one of your workers get into an accident where it is their fault.

Some of the common liabilities that could be faced for instance include traffic accidents, injuries occurring during loading and unloading of goods, injuries to others caused by your company’s drivers, plus repetitive stress injuries to workers in your company from overdoing their duties.

These risks connected to the commercial use of a vehicle, usually mean you need much higher policy limits or different kinds of provisions. That’s why if you own any type of company where your workers drive a commercial vehicle, that you need Minnesota commercial car insurance.

Who Needs Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

So, what kind of businesses need Minnesota commercial auto insurance? Some of these types of companies include:

  • Freight companies (along with any other place of business that has commercial trucks, vans, autos, etc.)
  • Independent contractors who must drive some type of vehicle while on the job
  • Any establishment that needs to make deliveries or otherwise transport their merchandise
  • Limousine, shuttle or taxi services; bus companies, and similar businesses that offer personal transportation services.

However, these are not the only people who likely need commercial auto insurance Minnesota in the case of accidents or other issues. If you use your own personal vehicles to do any type of work for a company, i.e. deliver, transport, etc., then you need to talk to a commercial vehicle insurance agent to find out if you need Minnesota commercial auto insurance.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial auto insurance in MN covers mostly the business’ liability risks, as well as paying for things like damage to one of your company’s vehicles. It also covers your company’s drivers when they are employed by the business.

The insurance pays for related expenses if a business employee causes an accident that injures someone, damages property, any related legal fees, medical payments (i.e. hospital bills) of the driver or passengers; bodily or property damages if an uninsured or underinsured driver caused an accident; collision damage if someone else caused the accident; and comprehensive coverage for coverage for things like vandalism, theft, or damage caused by inclement weather like a tornado, etc.

What Affects the Cost of Your Commercial Auto Policy?

To get the correct commercial auto insurance in MN, you need to find out where you can buy best Minnesota commercial auto insurance because there are many factors that can influence the cost, type of coverage for special cases (i.e. companies that haul anything hazardous or flammable), etc. The regulations for the state of Minnesota also must be taken into consideration.

Some of the possible questions that a commercial insurance agent could ask you that would help determine the cost of your commercial auto policy include:

  • How is your business set up from a legal standpoint?
  • What kind of vehicles are used for your business?
  • Who are the vehicles owned by?
  • Who is allowed to drive your company’s vehicles? How often?
  • Are your services used to transport passengers or do you only transport or deliver merchandise?

Other aspects that could affect the cost of your commercial vehicle insurance include things like employee driving records, where your business is at, whether you keep up the maintenance of your vehicles, the number of vehicles owned used, if your drivers have a CDL license, if your vehicles have any safety or anti-theft devices (i.e. alarms, airbags, or anti-lock braking systems); or if you also have other kinds of insurance with the company so you can bundle this Minnesota commercial auto insurance with it.

All these and more questions would be asked by a commercial auto insurance Minnesota business owners can trust has their best interests in mind. By asking the right questions of your agent, you will ensure that your company is adequately covered in case of some calamity.

The bottom line is that it is vital for any business in the state of Minnesota owning or using commercial trucks, vans, etc. to talk to an insurance agent to purchase Minnesota commercial auto insurance needs to ask where to find a commercial vehicle insurance near me, and the talk to a commercial auto insurance Minnesota business owners can trust to provide their company with the best type of insurance to protect them, their employee drivers, and anyone else hurt or killed by one of your commercial vehicles.

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