Our Insurance Providers

THE GREG GANYO INSURANCE AGENCY  is a partner of The Top Insurance Carriers in Minnesota

The benefit to you working with The Greg Ganyo Insurance  Agency – an independent insurance agent, is that we are an advocate for you and offer only the best insurance carriers in Minnesota such as AAA, Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, State Auto, Safeco and more. We work on your behalf assisting in finding the best insurance providers for your needs.

Every insurance underwriter has different requirements, models and pricing structures for eligibility and to bring you the best rates. The difference is that some companies, based on your history, will charge you more or less. It is our pleasure to do the research for you and provide you with the best possible solution to meet your needs and budget.

The following list of affiliate organizations (Minnesota insurance providers list) is our preferred insurance carriers list with links to their websites. Please feel free to browse these if you wish. We look forward to serving you with the best quote for auto, home, life and commercial insurance.